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Heat recuperator for Micro Gas Turbine (MGT)

Compact heat

for micro gas trubines

Trocador de Calor heat exchangers

20 to 35 kWe

80 to 120 kWe

180 to 260 kWe

Trocador de Calor heat exchangers


The "COMPACT" range heat exchangers are at the heart of the ACTE company and of our success.

They were specially designed to improve gas turbines efficiency while remaining compatible with the specific requirements of this field :

  • Resist to major thermal shocks during startup;

  • Achieve high efficiency;

  • Ensure optimal integration;

  • Available from prototyping to high volume production and low unit cost;

  • Guarantee low maintenance costs.


MGT from 25 kWe to 1.5 MWe

Leveraging over 20 years of experience on the Micro Gas Turbine (MGT) market, the ATE recuperators technology is used on several hundreds of micro-gas turbines worldwide.

During those 20 years, ACTE worked actively on several dozens of MGT engines and studied hundreds of engines in total, which led the company to develop an extensive know-how and expertise regarding the specific challenges to be addressed during the development of a MGT.

Technical features of MGT projects for which ACTE are specially suitable :

  • 25kWe to 1.5 MWe micro turbines;

  • Recovered Brayton Cycle applications;

  • Critical volume for implementation;

  • Specific lifetime expectations.


It is in this context that the annular shaped ACTE recuperators were created and the unique profile of our heat exchangers was developed, giving our recuperators their exceptional features: reducing by half the turbine consumption, increased lifetime and resisting to thermal shocks.

For each new project, ACTE's team works together with their customer to find the best way to integrate the recuperator with your turbine: design of the recuperator and its interfaces, optimization of the fluid circulation and power system in order to reduce the pressure drops, ensure the expected efficiency and, finally, achievement of all of our customers' objectives.

Trocador de Calor heat exchangers


Trocador de Calor heat exchangers

COMPACT 55-7-0

Trocador de Calor heat exchangers

COMPACT 70-7-0

Trocador de Calor heat exchangers

COMPACT 95-9-0

From standard to fully customized solution

ACTE has a range of standard recuperators, available off-the- shelf, adapted to various MGT electrical powers:

Technical features

  • Primary surface heat exchanger;

  • Counter flow heat exchanger;

  • Up to 900m²/m³ of heat exchange surface;

  • Effectiveness above 90%;

  • From some kWe to several MWe;

  • Operating temperature up to 650°C;

  • Gas to gas exchanger;

  • Made of stainless steel and fully weld;

  • Thickness of ring-shaped core : 300 mm;

  • Core diameter: from 300 to 2,000 mm;

  • 4 to 8% pressure loss;

  • Multi-core solutions available.

From standard to fully customized solution

  • Their shape for a better thermal stress resistance designed to ease flow distribution;

  • The space optimisation, no dead zone in heat transfer;

  • Their counter-flowing heat exchange, ensuring high effectiveness;

  • The fact that they are thermal shock friendly, offering them an increased lifetime;

  • Their material chosen to match corrosion and temperature conditions;

  • The lowering of the time-to-market for our customers thanks to off-the-shelf recuperator products.

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