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Heat recuperator for cogeneration

Heat recuperator for cogeneration


ACTE's recuperators help you develop many kinds of energy production projects, thanks to their modularity and wide operating range. For example, a recuperator can be used in a thermal solar plant to generate, either directly or through a thermal oil circuit, the steam that will power a turbine.

Heat recuperator for cogeneration

ACTE's recuperators also allow you to recover heat from hot exhaust gases of your CHP (Combined Heat & Power) unit and use the energy currently lost to produce hot water or hot oil for heating purposes, or even low pressure steam.

Likewise, evaporators or recuperators specifically designed for ORC applications can be studied and produced on demand with the support of the ACTE R&D team.

The ACTE team can help you to find a heat transfer solution that is perfectly adapted to your energy recovery.

The use of heat exchange primary surfaces together with an annular shape makes the "Shell & Plate" heat exchanger design particularly compact and allows you to minimize the installation footprint and the supporting civil engineering structure, and therefore to obtain the best return on investment. The modular components also enable you to benefit from a custom-built solution that is adapted to your needs and easy to maintain.


COMPACT 55-7-0

COMPACT 70-7-0

COMPACT 95-9-0

Cogen from 30kW to 2MW

ACTE provides heat exchangers for Micro-Gas Turbines from 25kWe to 1 MWe (contact us for 1 Mwe and more). Here is the list of standardized Compact heat exchangers sorted by power of the MGT:



  • From 1kWth (or less) to 100 MWth (or over) of heat recuperation;

  • High thermal stress resistance, thanks to its annular shape;

  • Adaptable pressure losses according to your process requirements (typically a maximum of 1% for gaseous fluids without a fan);

  • Wide performance range;

  • Operating temperature up to 650°C

  • Dimensions: from 200mm to 3,000mm diameter and 300 mm height

  • Modular components, can be installed in parallel or in series.





It is also possible to use several heat exhangers in series.

Our typical applications:



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